243/799 LS CNC Ported Heads
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243/799 LS CNC Ported Heads


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Speed Works has teamed up with Wilkes Performance to bring you the most powerful heads available. We have a few options you can purchase such as a pair of Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, or Stage 4 LS 243/799 Cathedral casting 5 axis CNC Porting with stainless valves and WP .660 dual race springs with WP titanium retainers. These heads have been disassembled, inspected, cleaned, 5 angle valve job, and milled slightly to clean up the heads. The stages is the size of the valves that you choose. We have option of Stage 1 2.0 intake/1.55 exhaust (stock valves), Stage 2 2.02 intake/1.57 exhaust (stainless valves), Stage 3 2.05 intake/1.57 exhaust (stainless valves), or Stage 4 2.08 intake/1.60 exhaust (stainless valves). The flow numbers above are based off of the Stage 2 setup. We have not yet flowed the other stages we offer. We also offer just a ported casting which means no valves, springs, or anything. Just the casting. We will take core heads on trade-in. If you decided to send in a set of core heads please email us to do so! Please allow 4-6 weeks to machine and assemble!

****The price includes a pair of heads****

Lift       Intake Flow    Exhaust Flow
.200"       148 cfm           115 cfm
.300"       208 cfm           153 cfm
.400"       256 cfm           193 cfm
.500"       293 cfm           205 cfm
.600"       314 cfm           221 cfm
.650"       317 cfm           225 cfm
Valve Options

No Valves, Stage 1 2.0/1.55 Stock Valves, Stage 2 2.02/1.57 Stainless Valves, Stage 3 2.05/1.57 Stainless Valves, Stage 4 2.08/1.60 Stainless Valves

Spring Options

No Springs, .570 Lift LS6 Blue BeeHive, .660 Dual Spring Kit w/ Steel Retainers, .660 Dual Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers

Milling Option

Surface Mill (Clean-Up Only), Mill .005, Mill .010, Mill .015, Mill .020