FuelTech FT600 ECU
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FuelTech FT600 ECU


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The FT600 is the same being used in different vehicles all over the world, whether it be for a street car, motorcycle, jet ski, boat, ATV or professional series drag race combination…we have you covered!

The FT600 is the most complete ECU and Dashboard available on the market.
It features an waterproof aluminum case with superseal automotive connectors with a total of 68 pins (21 inputs and 32 outputs), 2 CAN ports, internal accelerometer and gyroscope as well as integrated powershift feature. It also has 10 LEDS with RPM, activation and colors, 4 side LEDs that can be used for alerts and a4.3” anti-glare display.

Another great feature is the 256 channel datalogger, with a resolutionof up to 200hz for detailed analysis and ne adjustments that couldmake all the difference to attain victory. Through FTDatalogger softwareyou can quickly and ef ciently visualize every logged channel andeasily make changes to the engine management as well as using the diagnostic feature (also accessible on the ECU screen and FTManager) to identify problems.


No Harness, 10ft Unterminated Harness, 20ft Unterminated Harness